Pitru Paksha

September 13 - 28

Pitru Paksha is period from the full moon, to the new moon in September, which is especially auspicious for paying homage to our ancestors. On this occasion, the term "ancestors" can mean those in our family who came before us, teachers, role models, friends, pets and others who have given us wisdom or contributed to the richness of our lives in some way. 

Puja to the Ancestors

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It is traditional to offer a puja to the Ancestors, called the Shraddha Puja, during this time. As special food and mantras are offered for the journeys of the souls of our loved ones, we are able to strengthen our connection with them, heal any unresolved issues, and provide them with spiritual nourishment and fortitude.

In doing so, we also invoke blessings from our ancestors for auspiciousness in all areas of our own lives.

During this sacred ceremony, you will have the opportunity to listen to and join the exquisite Vedic chanting, reflect on the best qualities of your loved ones who have passed and identify the blessings and good fortune they have brought to your life. 

As you watch, will also have the opportunity, if you choose, to participate in tarpana, a ritual of making auspicious offerings on behalf of your loved ones. This can be done from almost anywhere and is a beautiful expression of love, connection and blessings. 

This puja was performed on Sept 26th 

and the video will be available until October 24th. 

Auspicious times to participate: 

1. Anytime until 11:59pm September 28th (locally, where you are)

2. Anytime from October 14th dawn, to October 24, 11:59pm (locally, where you are) 

Based on astrological aspects according the the Indian lunar calendar, it is not recommended to participate between Sept 29th - October 13th.