"Shruti Gandha" is a Sanskrit phrase which means Fragrance of the Vedas.

Puja for the Abatement of the California Wildfires

This special puja to Lord Indra, the deity of Rain, and Lord Shiva, who offers protection, was performed On Nov 6th by the Brahmin Priests at the Shri Krishna Yajurveda (school for Young Brahmin Priests) in Satara, India.

The puja was performed to invoke grace for the abatement of the fires and to protect all living creatures affected by them. Offerings were also made to Mother Earth, invoking her blessings and protection.   

As part of this ceremony, we had a small fire, called a havan, prepared according to Vedic guidelines. You may wonder why we would build a fire when we're praying so fervently to eliminate the fires. The answer is that a havan is no ordinary fire - it is sacred and has the power to grant blessings and fulfill wishes. The Vedic scriptures say that the smoke rising from a havan is the best vehicle to carry the mantras, offerings and all of your good intentions to the heavens... so they may shower California with sweet and soothing rain!

You are warmly invited to watch and join in with your prayers, blessings and good intentions for the California fires and the balance of the 5 elements everywhere on earth.   

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