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Events are facilitated by Vedamurti Shri Vivek Godbole and a team of highly trained Brahmin Priests. Events are  sponsored by Shruti Ganha, a 501(3)c non-profit organization. All proceeds benefit the Shri Krishna Yajurveda Pathshala (school for young Brahmins) in Satara, India. 

All events invoke blessings specifically for those participating as well as for the general benefit of humanity and nature. For more info, contact us.

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 A Vedic fire ritual is an expression of gratitude and awe for the sacredness of all life and our profound connection with nature, the divine and each other. At the same time, the sacred fire calls forth the noble qualities that shimmer within each person's heart -­ even when they seem out of view. 

Yajnas are rare opportunities to listen to exquisite Vedic chanting, observe traditional Vedic rituals, and experience their power and blessings in all areas of our lives.



Yajnas and courses are generally livestreamed from Satara, India and Los Angeles on auspicious holidays. Livestreams will occur during the auspicious times, locally. Video replays will be available soon after the livestream ends, so you may watch live, or at your convenience after the event.

When you register, you will receive a receipt immediately, and soon after that you will receive information from Shruti Gandha with event details and more information about the livestream and the video replay.

Vedamurti Vivekshastri Godbole


Yagnas are conducted by Vedamurti Shri Vivekshastri Godbole, the Acharya of the Shree Krishna Yajurveda Pathshala in Satara, India.

Shri Vivekji comes from a long line of Brahmin Priests, dating back 16 generations. He is an accomplished Vedic astrologer and a highly respected champion of the revitalization of the Oral Tradition of the Vedas. He is widely known for his evocative Vedic chanting, his love of performing yajna and his accessible and fascinating explanations of Vedic philosophy, ritual and culture.  

Wisdom of the Vedic Tradition


The Vedas are a large body of ancient texts dating back several thousands of years, containing illuminating wisdom on the nature of God, as well as practical advice for attaining peace of mind, success and harmony in day to day life. 

Veda means "knowledge". The Vedas are known as shruti, or "that which is heard." The sages heard the transformative wisdom of these scriptures while immersed in deep meditation, and shared this cognition for the benefit of all humanity, for generations to come.


Shri Krishna Yajurveda Pathshala


The Shri Krishna Yajurveda Pathshala is an active and highly respected center of Vedic chanting, knowledge and ritual expertise. Dedicated to preserving ancient Vedic rituals, the Pathshala houses 22 live-in students and supports them in every aspect of their studies and lives. Students learn to recite, memorize, and imbibe the entire Krishna Yajurveda through traditional oral learning methods. They also learn how to perform yagna and puja, ritual worship of the divine. UNESCO has recognized the Pathshala as part of “The Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. 

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