Private Pujas & Yajnas


Private worship ceremonies are performed for an individual, a couple, a family or group of people with a common interest, such as a business or community group. Alternatively, pujas can be offered to bless others during an important occasion or a time of need.

Each ceremony will be performed with a specific intention, for example, at the beginning of a new venture for upliftment and success. While each Puja has a specific intention, all Vedic ceremonies are at their core, created for the purpose of peace and prosperity of the earth and all living creatures.

Depending on your intention for the Puja, one or more Dieties can be worshipped, according to their specific attributes. It's beneficial to keep in mind however, that all Deities are of the same Divine Consciousness and ultimately bring the worshipper to a greater awareness and alignment with the Divinity within themselves. 

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Most Common Pujas & Yajnas

Puja to Lord Ganesh


Ganesh is one of the most beloved deities in India. Symbolizing auspicious new beginnings and the removal of obstacles, He is known to be especially jovial and generous to those who worship him with love and devotion. 

Puja to Goddess Lakshmi


The Goddess Maha Lakshmi heralds auspiciousness, prosperity, wisdom and integrity. She brings good fortune in its many forms. She can also be propitiated for a strong partnership or relationship.

Puja to Goddess Saraswati


Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of Wisdom, who blesses artistic endeavors, studies, writing and focus of mind. She brings inspiration and creativity; and bestows the ability to speak with eloquence in a way that uplifts others. 

Puja to Lord Shiva


Shiva is known as the Blissful One. He brings a deep connection with one own's inner soul, helps promote deeper meditation and blesses people with good health, strength and victorious outcomes in challenging situations. 

Puja to Lord Surya


Surya, the Sun God, is the aspect of Divine Consciousness that represents light, victory, fame, confidence, as well as physical and mental strength and stamina. Surya is invoked for worldly success and strength. 

Puja to the Nine Planets


Puja to the Nine Planets brings blessings in many forms and addresses a wide variety of concerns. Each planet will be worshiped separately. This is well suited for people with a variety of intentions for their Puja.